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97% of all violations on human rights in Colombia are not being punished. Therefore social movements have invited the "Permanent Tribunal of the People" to judge the crimes comitted by the columbian state ... more

1 edition
edition no_24 murdered Coca-Cola unionists in Colombia
murdered Coca-Cola unionists in Colombia
Each year unionists are being killed in Colombia. Transnational corporations like Coca-Cola and Nestlé play an important role. We investigated one exemplary case:

On December 5th 1996, paramilitaries entered a Coca-Cola bottling-site and killed Isidro Gil. In succession the paramiliaries forced the complete workforce to resign from the union.

The film reconstructs this case ... more
length: 50 min  | date: 10-02-2005  | video-hits: 5.168
short-docu Testimony of Javier Correa
Testimony of Javier Correa
Javier Correa testifies. Being the chairman of Sinaltrainal and working for Coca-Cola has experienced hate calls, death threats against himself and his family, kidnapping of his children, slander campaigns amongst his fellow workers, an official complaint for founding a criminal association, detentions and two attempted assassinations. Correa points out that his case is not unique and that he and other unionists ... more
length: 7,65 min  | date: 03.04.2006  | video-hits: 5.411
short-docu The decision of the jury
The decision of the jury
April, 02. 2006, Bogotá - The chairwoman reads the central part of the verdict of the jury. They find Coca-Cola, Nestlé and Chiquita, as well as the Colombian state guilty. In addition the USA and Switzerland, where the headquarters of the corporations reside, are called upon to take care of international standards and norms.
length: 9 min  | date: 03.04.2006  | video-hits: 2.496
short-docu The verdict, part 1
The verdict, part 1
April, 02. 2006, Bogota - The jury of the Permanent Tribunal of the People read their verdict. To begin with, Omar Rodríguez, publisher of the Colombian edition of Le Monde Diplomatique, reads the summary, of the accusations brought bevor the court.
length: 3,20 min  | date: 03.04.2006  | video-hits: 3.490
short-docu The verdict, part 2
The verdict, part 2
April, 02. 2006, Bogota - Gianni Tognioni, general secretary of the Permanent Tribunal by the People, reads the first part of the decision of the jury. While the collaboration of the paramilitaries and the Colombian state is proven, the collaboration of the transnational corporations with the paramilitaries is much more difficult to prove. But Tognioni designates mutiple documents, which make such a ... more
length: 4,40 min  | date: 03.04.2006  | video-hits: 1.240
short-docu Colombian globalisation
Colombian globalisation
April, 02. 2006, Bogotá - Carlos Olaya talks about what the globalisation means for Colombia. He pleads for a broad movement against hunger.
length: 3,20 min  | date: 03.04.2006  | video-hits: 1.926
short-docu The Coca-Cola case
The Coca-Cola case
April, 01. 2006, Bogota - Dr. Pedro Mahecha, human rights activis and member of the lawyer-collective Alvear Restrepo summarises the case of Isidro Gil: "Who ordered the murder? Who was interested in this crime? Who had an advantage of the banishment of the union? Who is interested in not enlightening the crime? Who denounces the workers when they denounce a murder?
length: 7,20 min  | date: 02.04.2006  | video-hits: 1.939
snippet Exclusion of the UNO and the OAS
Exclusion of the UNO and the OAS
April, 01. 2006, Bogotá - Pedro Mahecha from the lawyer collective Pedro Alvear restrepo, demands the exclusion of Colombia from the UNO and the Organization of the American states.
length: 1,20 min  | date: 02.04.2006  | video-hits: 1.158
snippet Impunity
April, 01. 2006, Bogotá - Alejandro Garcia, a lawyer Sinaltrainal, tries to explain to the foreign members of the tribunal that the killings of unionists in Colombia stays unpunished. The attorneys do not start any investigations. The army has a list of names with all leaders of the unions, he tells.
length: 4,30 min  | date: 02.04.2006  | video-hits: 982
snippets Working conditions at Nestlé Colombia
Working conditions at Nestlé Colombia
April, 1. 2006, Bogotá - Nestlé Colombia is being accussed of precarious working conditions. A representative of "lawyers united for workers' rights" describes the worsening of working conditions and drastic reduction of wages in the past 10 years.
length: 3 min  | date: 02.04.2006  | video-hits: 2.304
short-docu Luciano Romero
Luciano Romero
April, 01. 2006, Bogotá - The case of Luciano Romero, worker and unionist at Cicolac/Nestlé, is presented. He was murdered on September 11th, 2005.
length: 3,10 min  | date: 02.04.2006  | video-hits: 1.427
short-docu The opening
The opening
April, 01. 2006, Bogotá - The Permanent Tribunal of the People, Section Colombia is opened. The inaugural address is held by Jesuit and human rights activist Javier Giraldo. The institutional violence of the military, the police and the paramilitary forces aim at destroying all social movements, which fight against the socio-economic and political structure.
length: 8,20 min  | date: 02.04.2006  | video-hits: 236
short-docu Ciudad Bolivar
Ciudad Bolivar
March, 31. 2006, Bogotá - Ciudad Bolivar is a slum in which 1.3 million live, mostly people who were evicted from their land. 400 young people were killed here last year. Mongui Gomez from "Organización Femenina Popular" talsk about pverty, police brutallity, and the collaboration of police and paramilitary forces.
length: 7,10 min  | date: 01.04.2006  | video-hits: 1.652
interview ...to sacrifice some justice
...to sacrifice some justice
March, 30. 2006, Bogotá - Attorney Ramiro Marin Vasquez talks about impunity in Colombia. "We have to sacrifice some justice, but we get more truth and compensation."
length: 2,50 min  | date: 01.04.2006  | video-hits: 1.925
interview State terrorism
State terrorism
30.03.2006, Bogotá - Ivan Cepeda Varga, human rights activist and author answers the question, why social movements in Colombia speak of state terrorism when describing the political situation. Sepeda is the son of a member of Parliament from the Union Patriotica who was murdered in 1994. The Colombian state tries to appear in a democratic light but it acts very repressive on a broad scale with military force, ... more
length: 4,20 min  | date: 31.03.2006  | video-hits: 2.213
interview Food imports
Food imports
30.03.2006, Bogotá - Carlos Olaya on the displacement of smaller producers from the market on food. "Transnational corporations hold 70% of the market in Colombia. Two big corporations hold 25% of this market. For the smaller producers they ownly hold 5%."
On the other hand Colombia has increased the import of food. Due to the free trade agreement with the USA the pressure on small rural producers ... more
length: 4 min  | date: 31.03.2006  | video-hits: 939
interview Policies of food corporations
Policies of food corporations
30.03.2006, Bogotá - Carlos Olaya talks about the connection of hunger and poverty and the politics of national and transnational food-corporations. Coffee: Through the monopolistic politics of Nestlé, Cargill, Procter&Gambler and Kraft Food the price of coffee has fallen more for than 60%. Thus 150.000 coffee producing families lost their land and 500.000 people their jobs.
length: 4 min  | date: 31.03.2006  | video-hits: 1.531
interview Poverty in Colombia
Poverty in Colombia
Bogotá, 30.03.2006 - Carlos Olaya reports on the degree of poverty in Colombia. 30 million from 44 million are poor. 14% of the children are chronically malnourished. During the last five years, 40.000 people died from hunger, of which 20.000 were old.
length: 3,40 min  | date: 30.03.2006  | video-hits: 1.138
interview Lawsuit against Coca-Cola
Lawsuit against Coca-Cola
Bogotá, 29.03.2006 - Gonzalo Quijano explains the court proceedings against Coca-Cola, which are pending at Florida (US) court. One of the cases is on the kidnapping of Jorge Leal. He was hijacked to Venezuela. The union got a letter which threatend to kill Jorge Leal if the union keeps on mobilising against Coca-Cola.
length: 4 min  | date: 29.03.2006  | video-hits: 1.123
interview Message to the Coca-Cola boykott campaign
Message to the Coca-Cola boykott campaign
Gozalo Quijano, representative of the union Sinaltrainal in Bogotá sends greetings to the Coca-Cola campaign in Germany to support the mobilisation.
Coca-Cola is one of the sponsors of FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany .
length: 3,40 min  | date: 28.03.2006  | video-hits: 2.890
interview The Permanent Tribunal by the People
The Permanent Tribunal by the People
Bogotá, 27.03.2006 - Gonzalo Quijano, representative of SINALTRAINAL explains, what the tribunal on Colombia will be about.
Coca-Cola and Nestlé are being accused of murdering unionists and Chiquita is being accused of collaboration with paramilitary forces.
length: 4 min  | date: 27.03.2006  | video-hits: 1.053
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enlanzando alternativas Das offizielle Zusammentreffen zwischen den PräsidentInnen der Europäischen Union und Lateinamerikas bzw. der Karibik wird im Lichte der Weltöffentlichkeit stehen.
Wir zivilgesellschaftliche AkteurInnen wollen dem gegenüber Alternativen für eine neue, gerechtere Welt jenseits von einseitigen Wirtschaftsinteressen entwickeln und veranschaulichen.

2006.04.09 - Profitable Konzerngewalt in Kolumbien telepolis, Jörn Hagenloch

Seit Jahrzehnten ist Kolumbien Schauplatz einer der weltweit blutigsten politischen Auseinandersetzungen und steht an der Spitze internationaler Gewaltstatistiken. Leidtragende sind vor allem die Zivilisten. Jedes Jahr werden Hunderttausende Kleinbauern brutal enteignet und in die Slums der Großstädte vertrieben. Zehntausende Menschen werden entführt, verstümmelt oder erschossen. Doch es gibt auch Akteure, die sich in dem schier endlosen Kreislauf der Gewalt gut eingerichtet haben: transnationale Konzerne. Wie sehr sie von der Gewalt profitieren und selbst für die Gewalt verantwortlich sind, hat jetzt die neu eröffnete kolumbianische Sektion des "Permanenten Tribunals der Völker" untersucht. Das Berliner Videoprojekt kanalB hat eine ausführliche Berichterstattung dazu angelegt.

voz de la nueva colombia News from Colombia

voz de la nueva colombia Nachrichten und Infos aus Kolumbien

Legal Case Documents Legal Case Documents Sinaltrainal Coca-Cola

International Labour Rights Fund ILRF is an advocacy organization dedicated to achieving just and humane treatment for workers worldwide. ILRF serves a unique role among human rights organizations as advocates for and with working poor around the world. We believe that all workers have the right to a safe working environment where they are treated with dignity and respect, and where they can organize freely to defend and promote their rights and interests.

Nestel? special on corporatewatch.org the transnational corporation Nestl? is involved in many questionable actions and efforts. this website takes a deep look into the corporates policies.

Nachrichtenpool Lateinamerika e.V. Wie organisieren sich die argentinischen Arbeitslosen? Was treiben die zapatistischen Rebellinnen und Rebellen im mexikanischen Chiapas? Wer steckt hinter dem Hiphop aus Bogotá und wie sehen in Berlin lebende LateinamerikanerInnen die Debatten um die deutsche Leitkultur. Mit vier Projekten informiert der Nachrichtenpool Lateinamerika (npla) über soziale Kämpfe, politische Umbrüche und kulturelle Neuigkeiten auf beiden Seiten des Atlantiks. Der Infodienst "Poonal" publiziert wöchentlich neueste Meldungen aus dem lateinamerikanischen Subkontinent, das Radioprojekt "Onda" macht Beiträge für Freie Radios sowie ARD-Hörfunksender, der Presseservice "npl" liefert Artikel für deutsche Zeitungen und "Radio Matraca desde Berlin" berichtet von Deutschland aus für lateinamerikanische Community-Radios.

Znet use the search function to find interesting news and articles on Colombia

Kolumbienkoordination kolko e.V. ist als unabhängige Fachstelle in das europäische Menschenrechtsnetzwerk zu Kolumbien eingebunden. Gleichzeitig dient das Büro als Anlaufstelle für die Deutsche Menschenrechtskoordination Kolumbien, einer Plattform von Menschenrechtsorganisationen, Solidaritätsgruppen und Hilfswerken, die ihre Arbeit bezüglich der Menschenrechte in Kolumbien abstimmen und gemeinsame Handlungsfelder identifizieren.

Human Rights and the Colombian Government An analysis of state-based atrocities toward non-combatants
(New Politics-James J. Brittain)

COLOMBIA SUPPORT NETWORK is a grassroots organization, with 501 (c)(3) status, created to give solidarity to the Colombian people through sister city projects, delegations and petitions to educate members of the U.S. government. We also invite guest speakers and carry out outreach activities through the newsletter Action on Colombia, the CSN web page www.colombiasupport.net, and the CSN e-mail list. CSN also has an Urgent Action service to provide immediate action on emergency cases in Colombia

radio onda audiobeiträge und text zu lateinamerika. es gibt ein umfangreiches archiv: benutze die suchfunktion!

Chiquita Brands International NYSE: CQB is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based producer and distributor of bananas and other produce, under a variety of subsidiary brand names, collectively known as Chiquita. Chiquita is the successor to the United Fruit Company and is the leading distributor of bananas in the United States. The company also owns a German produce distribution company, Atlanta AG, which it acquired in 2003. Chiquita was formerly controlled by Cincinnati billionaire Carl H. Lindner, Jr., his majority ownership of the company ended as a result of Chiquita Brands International exiting a prepackaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy on March 19, 2002.

United Fruit Company was a major American corporation that traded tropical fruit (primarily bananas and pineapples) grown in Third World plantations and sold in the United States and Europe. Critics often accused the company of exploitative neocolonialism and described it as the archetypal example of the influence of a multinational corporation on the internal politics of the so-called "banana republics."

United Fruit Company - Chiquita (UFC, auch UFCO) wurde groß durch den Verkauf tropischer Früchte in Europa und den USA (hauptsächlich Bananen), die auf Plantagen in Ländern der Dritten Welt angebaut wurden. 1984 wurde sie nach mehreren Umstrukturierungen und Fusionen in Chiquita Brands International umbenannt. "Chiquita" kommt aus dem Spanischen und bedeutet svw. "klein und niedlich" (feminine Form; die maskuline Form ist "chiquito").

Neben der berühmten Marke Chiquita verkauft Chiquita Brands Int. auch Bananen unter dem Namen Chiquita Jr., Consul, Amigo, Frupac, Chico sowie Bananos.

Die Firma wird oft als typisches Beispiel dafür gesehen, wie multinationale Firmen in die Innen- und Außenpolitik ärmerer Länder (auch deswegen so genannter Bananenrepubliken) eingreifen und sie manipulieren.

Stiftung Menschenwürde und Arbeitswelt We would like to thank the "Stiftung Menschenwürde und Arbeitswelt " for their very friendly support!

Stiftung Menschenwürde und Arbeitswelt "Der Stiftungszweck wird verwirklicht durch die Informationsverbreitung und den Informationsaustausch über die Humanisierung der Arbeit, Ökologie bei Produktion und Entsorgung, Entwicklung und Herstellung umweltverträglicher und gesellschaftlich nützlicher Produkte, Demokratie und Mitbestimmung für abhängig Beschäftigte sowie Verwirklichung gleicher und gerechter Arbeitsteilung nach Geschlecht und/oder Nationalität."

Vielen Dank an die Stiftung Menschenwürde und Arbeitswelt für die freundliche Unterstützung!

sinaltrainal.org offizieller website der Lebensmittelgewerkschaft SINALTRAINAL in Kolumbien.

sinaltrainal.org official website of SINALTRAINAL, the union for food in Colombia.

kolumbien-aktuell.ch Ziele:
Dem kolumbianischen Volk in der Schweiz und im deutschsprachigen Europa eine Stimme verleihen.
Prozesse und Veränderungen hier in die Wege leiten, um den Leidensweg dieses Volkes zu verkürzen.Unterstützung des gerechten Einsatzes für die Respektierung der politischen, sozialen, wirtschaftlichen und kulturellen Menschenrechte.Politische, demokratische, gewaltfreie Lösung des bewaffneten Konflikts.

Permanente Erarbeitung eines Basiswissens über Kolumbien
Unabhängige Informationsarbeit zu Kolumbien
Lobbyarbeit und Kampagnen

multiwatch.ch Multinationale Konzerne sind die treibenden Kräfte der neoliberalen Globalisierung und profitieren am meisten von Deregulierung, Privatisierung und Liberalisierung. Ihre Anzahl ist in den letzten Jahrzehnten exponentiell gewachsen. Parallel dazu haben sie auch an Macht und Einfluss gewonnen: unter den 100 grössten Wirtschaftsmächten der Welt befinden sich heute bereits mehr multinationale Konzerne als Staaten. Ihr Einfluss auf nationale Regierungen und auf die Politik von internationalen Organisationen, z.B. auf die Welthandelsorganisation (WTO), ist enorm.

Colombia Solidarity Campaign is an anti-imperialist organisation, campaigning for a socially just and sustainable peace in Colombia based on respect for the human rights and diversity of the Colombian people. The Campaign actively opposes PLAN COLOMBIA.

Das Russell-Tribunal wurde 1966 von dem britischen Philosophen Lord Bertrand Russell unter dem Namen "Vietnam War Crimes Tribunal" ins Leben gerufen. Es war ein Tribunal, das ohne staatliche oder internationale Legitimation ins Leben gerufen wurde, um möglichst unabhängig die Taten während des Vietnamkriegs zu beurteilen. Die erste Tagung fand in London statt. Geplant war, zur Untersuchung des ersten und dritten Anklagepunktes in Paris zu tagen. Nach dem von General de Gaulle erwirkten Verbot beschloss das Tribunal, sich in Stockholm zu versammeln.

The Russell Tribunal was a public international body organized by British philosopher and pacifist Bertrand Russell, along with Ken Coates and several others. It was designed to investigate and publicize war crimes and conduct of the American forces and its allies during the Vietnam War. The tribunal was constituted in November, 1966 and conducted over two sessions in 1967 in Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Coca Cola Boykott italienische Boykottseite gegen Coca-Cola

kolumbienkampagne.de - Kolumbien: der Krieg gegen die Armen.
In diesem Land werden jährlich so viele Oppositionelle ermordet wie in Chile in 17 Jahren Pinochet-Diktatur zusammengezählt! [...]
Seltener wird darüber gesprochen, dass die Gewalt in Kolumbien, von der man diffus immer wieder in Medien hört, recht rationale Erklärungen besitzt.

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Lawsuit against Coca-Cola
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The Permanent Tribunal by the People
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& Get on the Bus to Coke"s Shareholder"s Meeting on April 19th in Wilmington, DE - People from around the world will be ascending onto this year"s Coca-Cola"s Annual Shareholder Meeting to speak directly to Coke"s CEO and Board of Directors. There will be a large protest outside of the meeting as well as planned actions during the meeting to pressure Coca-Cola to clean up their act. Charter buses will be available for those that need a ride.
29.03.2006  hits: 9847
Tell Nestle to Stop buying Child Made Cocoa
Along with other major players in the chocolate industry, Nestle USA committed to ending child labor on cocoa farms by July 2005. But four years after the world first learned of child labor abuses on West African cocoa farms little has been accomplished and the problem continues unabated.
29.03.2006  hits: 6407
Chiquita"s Trail of Death and Corruption in Turbo, Colombia
Chiquita Brands has a history of corruption in small ports like Turbo, Colombia. With the rise of Bush crony and Medellin cartel boss Alvaro Uribe Velez, they now act with complete impunity. Here are two typical vignetttes: one of corruption and another of terrorism.
28.03.2006  hits: 9731
Chiquita admits payments to terror groups
One day after Chiquita Brands International disclosed that its Colombian subsidiary made payments to groups designated as "terrorist organizations" by the United States, shares in the world"s biggest banana-producing company yesterday fell by nearly 5 percent.
28.03.2006  hits: 5729
Chiquita Bananas admits financing terrorist organisations
On Monday 11 May, Chiquita Bananas, the North American banana company, publicly admitted that they financed a terrorist group in Colombia. They refused to name which group, or how much they paid or for how long.
They just released the following statement " The voluntary admission to the Department of Justice was made because the companys administration found out that this group had been classified as a terrorist group, and that under United States law, it is a crime to assist or support this type of organisation."

28.03.2006  hits: 5477
Neoliberalism Colombian Style
With his discourse of "democratic security," President Álvaro Uribe Velez goal--as it was during his term as governor of Antioquia from 1995-97--is to incorporate civilians (one million of them) into the repressive organs of the state as informants in order to deepen neoliberal development patterns. Along with a declaration of "internal commotion," as permitted by the 1991 Constitution, Uribes first act as president was to install a pilot program of civilian spies in the department of César. The regional government of Córdoba has asked to be next. Following the suggestion of US ambassador Anne Patterson, Uribe has also announced plans to call up reservists. Further, he hopes to turn 20,000 peasants into soldiers overnight.
28.03.2006  hits: 5431
Coalition campaigns against Coca-Cola
Coke Free Coalition, a coalition of students from several student groups, demonstrated last week in opposition to having Coca-Cola products on campus.

The group cites human rights violations by Coca-Cola involving Colombian paramilitary fighters and alleged murders of Colombian union organizers, among other issues.

28.03.2006  hits: 7866
Another "Classic Coke" Move to Deny and Delay Accountability for Human Rights Violations in Colombia
Coca-Cola and its ally, the International Union of Food Workers (IUF), have announced that they will jointly "request" the International Labor Organization (ILO) to conduct an investigation of Coca-Colas operations in Colombia. To the uninformed, this might appear to be progress towards an independent investigation of Coca-Colas complicity in violence against trade union leaders at its bottling plants in Colombia. Since 1989, seven union leaders who worked at Coca-Cola bottling plants in Colombia and a plant manager friendly to SINALTRAINAL (National Food Service Workers Union), the major union representing Coca-Cola workers, have been murdered in connection with their union activities and countless others have been threatened with death, kidnapped and tortured.
28.03.2006  hits: 7088
Breaking the silence over Colombian repression
The situation is appalling. At a meeting with CUT (Colombias equivalent of the TUC) we were told that since the beginning of 2005 there have been around 100 union activists murdered and many more have been tortured, imprisoned or "disappeared"....
28.03.2006  hits: 4898
Nestlé and Fairtrade - PR coup or PR disaster?
Nestlé has one Fairtrade product amongst its range of 8,500: Partners Blend coffee. On this page we aim to track how Nestlé uses the Fairtrade mark in its attempts to divert criticism of its malpractice.
28.03.2006  hits: 4517
Alien Tort Claims Act: Colombia
SINALTRAINAL is a union of workers employed in the food industry in Colombia. Members work in the factories of multinational corporations such as Coca Cola, Nestle, Burns Philps, Nabisco Royal Inc., Corn Products Corporations, Postobon, Friesland and Lechesan. The union was developed in 1982 to unite workers that were struggling in factories so that they might collectively address the human rights violations occurring in the commercial food sector.
28.03.2006  hits: 2918
Coca Cola boycotted for (complicity in) murder
Colombia is the most dangerous country in the world to be
a trade unionist with intimidation and murders being
committed almost daily. Coca Cola is currently being sued
by the Colombian food and drinks union Sinaltrainal for its
(alleged) use of right wing paramilitary death squads at
its plants in Colombia. The company has denied the
allegations and predictably claims that it has no
responsibility for the actions of the bottling plants.

28.03.2006  hits: 3111
Wakeup Call
Listeners to CARACOL radio station got a wake up call this morning. Carlos Casta?o, the leader of the paramilitary Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia AUC, had a 47 minute interview on the main breakfast show. Casta?o"s main message is that opposition to Uribe"s referendum project is subversive and hence the leaders of the abstention campaign are targets that have to be eliminated. Casta?o added that he has no problems with the armed forces. Evidently Uribe"s government and the interests it represents have little problem with Casta?o. He has been granted immunity from prosecution.
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